StugA Informatik First semester orientations (ESO) Pre-courses


Prior to the ESO, the first preliminary courses are already held to facilitate the transition between school and university. Participation in these courses is not compulsory and requires registration, as places are limited.

Programming Pre-Course “Uni-Start-Programmieren”

This course teaches basic programming. This course is therefore intended for people without any programming experience.

Attention: The course already takes place before the ESO in September.

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Java pre-course during ESO

During your studies you will start programming in Java in the first semester in Practical Computer Science 1. If you don’t know Java yet, but already have other programming experience, this won’t be a problem for you and you don’t need to take this pre-course.

This course is not a prerequisite for further courses and is mainly intended for students without programming experience. Participation in “Uni-Start-Programmieren” and the Java pre-course is usually not required.

The course takes place during the ESO period. Exact details can be found in the schedule.

Bridge course mathematics

Since 2013, the classic mathematics pre-course for computer science no longer exists. This has since been replaced by the BrückenMathematik course, in which computer scientists can also participate.

The BrückenMathematik course is designed to ease the transition between school mathematics and university mathematics. Each day will open with a lecture on a mathematical topic, which will then be deepened by working independently on exercises in groups under the supervision of student tutors.

Attention: This course takes place before the start of the ESO!

This pre-course is not a prerequisite for any courses in your studies, but should only serve as additional preparation. Since the number of places is very limited, a prior registration is necessary.

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