StugA Informatik First semester orientations (ESO) FB-Netze (intro course)

FB-Netze (intro course)

The course Fachbereichsnetze (FB-Netze) serves to provide an overview of the digital systems offered by the university and the department. In addition, an introduction to version control using Git is provided.

The course is divided into two parts and consists of a basic lecture and a tutorial in which individual tools and concepts are practically applied.

There are three different dates for the tutorials. In all of them the same content will be covered, therefore it is only necessary to attend one of the tutorials.

The slides as well as a recording of the lecture will be published in the Stud.IP course for the orientation week.

The lecture will be held by the StugA Informatik.
If you have questions about the contents of the lecture or the tutorial, please ask, we are happy to help!

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