StugA Informatik About the StugA Members


Active in the StugA are currently the following students. Emails sent to us ( can be read by all.

Some members can also receive pgp-encrypted emails.

Name Email ( PGP Study program
Danial Mohammad danial ? Informatik
Daniel Rothe rothe ? Informatik
Enna Gerhard gerhard yes Informatik
Eric Decker edecker ? Informatik
Erik Michelson michelson yes Informatik
Florian Lüers lueers ? Informatik
Franco Grögl franco ? Informatik
Hannes Kuss hkuss ? Informatik
Jethro Bartel jbartel ? Wirtschaftsinformatik
Johanna Götz jgoetz ? Wirtschaftsinformatik
Jona Dirks dirks2 yes Informatik
Jonathan Bröring broering yes Informatik
Karim Saad kasaad ? Informatik
Karla Brück kbrueck ? Informatik
Kilian Barning barning ? Informatik
Marc Kruse makruse ? Informatik
Marcel Mehrdadi Gargari mehrdadi ? Wirtschaftsinformatik
Pascal Kreuznacht paskre ? Informatik
Rody Karkali rody ? Informatik
Sabrina Repty srepty ? Informatik
Schahin Schuch schuch ? Informatik
Tatjana Thielke tthielke ? Informatik

Contact Stugists and others

These people also receive these emails to ensure a good exchange between the Stugen.

Name Email ( Role/Study program
Dennis Schürholz deschuer StugA Admin
Jan-Frederik Riekers rieckers StugA Admin; Computer science
Julian Gebken jgebken Maths
Mitje anik Digital media

At the last plenary meeting (November 2023) were elected: *

  • Jethro Bartel
  • Erik Michelson
  • Pascal Kreuznacht
  • Enna Gerhard
  • Sabrina Repty
  • Hannes Lennart Kuss
  • Tatjana Thielke
  • Rody Karkali
  • Marc Kruse
  • Kilian Barning
  • Eric Decker
  • Danial Mohammad
  • Johanna Götz
  • Florian Lüers
  • Daniel Rothe
  • Franco Grögl