StugA Informatik Events


The StugA Computer Science, together with the StugA Maths, hosts numerous smaller and larger events.

Among the larger events are:

Smaller events include:

  • more regular small game evenings
  • the Kohltour in January
  • the GeSAnG (Gemeinsames-Semester-Anfangs-Grillen) as well as the SEnF (Semester-End-Feier)
  • the Weinax party with Christmas lecture
  • various other spontaneous events (there have been soccer tournaments, ice skating, canoeing, bike tours, …)

We are always open for new ideas and support! Feel free to contact us for this or come directly to one of our meetings.

To stay up to date, it is best to join our Stud.IP group.
There we will inform about new dates via announcement.