StugA Informatik About the StugA

About the StugA

What does the StugA Informatik do?

As StugA Informatik we represent the interests of students in Computer Science and Information Systems and Management.

  • We are contact persons for students, interested parties, lecturers, administration and external parties.
  • We organize/support events for common exchange, such as the ONOC, Weinax party or game evenings.
  • We are usually the members of the student body in the various committees of the department and advocate for the interests of the students there.

What is the StugA Informatik?

At least once a year there is a general assembly of the students of computer science. This elects a Studiengangsausschuss (study program council). In this respect this is the derivation of this abbreviation. But most of the time we prefer to define ourselves as Studiengangs-Aktive (active ones in the study program), because it is also possible to work in the StugA without being elected.

At other universities the StugA is often called Fachschaft or Fachschaftsrat. Through the conference of computer science departments we are also in national exchange with like-minded computer scientists from other universities.

The Stugen of the FB3 feel like a contact point for every member of the department, i.e. the administration, lecturers, WiMis and, of course first and foremost, students. Thus, we are also an interface between all members of the department, or at least of the study program. As a rule, we are well-informed, since we are aware of what is happening in the department through various channels (contacts with students and lecturers, participation in committees, tutors in courses, …).

The equivalent to the more subject-related Stugen in the departments is the AStA for the whole university. There, everything is a bit bigger, elections are contested and political. In the StugA we are usually interested in consensus. The Stugen of the different subjects also come together through the StuKo.

What is it like to be in the StugA?

  • Varied. From A like administration of a server to E like writing e-mails to Z like zooming in on details for restructures of the study program, many things can happen at some point depending on one’s own interests.
  • The time commitment is relatively free to choose. It is possible to participate in projects, participation in committees can be a fairly constant time factor of a few hours a month over a longer period of time. If it just does not fit, because e.g. an exam or term paper is approaching a break is always possible! But it would be nice to participate in the weekly StugA meetings to stay up to date.
  • It is nice to be able to help others in this way. Be it by answering a simple question in an email, solving a complex problem, or vehemently lobbying the university for better study conditions.

I want to get involved. What’s the best way for me to do that?

We are always happy to see new faces!

  • The easiest way is to come to a StugA meeting. Then you can get to know us and we can explain everything to you.
  • If you don’t have time because of a tutorial, we will definitely find a solution. Just write us an email!