StugA Informatik Contact


Visit us!

You’ll find us in MZH 1196 - that’s in 1st floor of the MZH building, directly behind the senate hall, left of the couch room.

Postal address

StugA Informatik MZH-Postfach 114 Bibliothekstr. 5 28359 Bremen

Phone number

You can call as anytime and leave us a message on our voice mail system. We share our phone with the StugA for Maths, so don’t be irritated if a Mathematician answers your call.

0421 – 218 – 6 35 35


The simplest form of contact is by email. Usually we respond within a few days to your message. In case, that the answer is still pending, feel free to ask again.

If you want to support or help us, feel free to message us as well!