StugA Informatik About the StugA Rooms


For us in FB3, Level 1 of the MZH is the primary lounge area.

On level 1 there are numerous study areas where you can sit down. Numerous tutorials and events also take place here.

Last but not least, we as Stugen of FB3, as well as the study centers for computer science and mathematics are also located on level 1.

The MZH has very long opening hours and is also open on weekends and holidays/Sundays.

Relevant rooms

  • MZH 1196: This is where we from the StugA Informatik and the StugA Mathematik are located. Feel free to stop by with questions or ideas, use our stapler for your hand-ins, or grab something to drink or nibble on in our little kiosk.

  • MZH 1190/Cafete: This Couch room is open on weekdays from 07:00-20:00 and is available for you to rest and relax. You are welcome to make full use of the kitchenette as long as it is left clean again!

  • MZH 1225, MZH 1240 and MZH 1310: These group study rooms are reserved exclusively for FB3 students (i.e. Mathematics and Computer Science). With your MZH RFID chip you can open the doors. Registration is not required, but you can see through the glass in the door if the room is occupied.

  • MZH 1265 (SZ Inf): Here you will find the Studienzentrum Informatik.

  • there are also numerous course rooms for lectures or tutorials on level 1.

Plan of MZH Level 1
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